Welcome to 365 AFFAIRS. It’s a personal and lifestyle blog that touches various topics on life, psychology, motivation, inspiration, and self-help. The voice behind this blog belongs to me – the girl named Monika who is standing in the picture above. I am typing my thoughts from my beloved bed located in Lithuania; Kaunas, more specifically. I’ve been writing since the high-school, got a degree in journalism and now work as a copywriter in the IT company.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I’m truly interested in what people think, how they deal with different life situations, and how they stay motivated no matter what happens in their lives. Sharing is caring! Also, follow me on Facebook. I promise I won’t flood your News Feed with tons of posts. I’m not that kind of a blogger who posts 24/7. It’s my hobby, my escape from the reality and I am not following all those tips & tricks what bloggers must do to turn their blogs into businesses. Moreover, if you have Bloglovin, follow me there too – it helps to be on track with my latest posts.