During the major spring cleaning, I sat down on the floor. Piles of clothes were laying around me, and I started wondering about each of the items. It was not about making a hard decision what to throw away and what to keep. I was thinking about the little chaos that was going on in my wardrobe for many years. This mess was a perfect reflection of my life. Our looks represent our personalities and situation of life. Consciously or unconsciously we express ourselves to word through the piece of clothing we wear. Patterns, textures, and colours – everything tells the world what is going on in our heads and hearts. Nevertheless, Neiman Marcus once said that women who wear black lead the most colourful lives; they might also be wearing black as a safety blanket in order to become invisible in the greyish streets of the city. I always melt when I see an amazing little black dress, and I always look for an occasion to rock that classy LBD look lead by red manicure and lipstick. The splash of colour always cheered me up. However, due to some self-esteem issues, several years ago I decided to go for the normal adult colour scheme and completely forgot my colours of life. Fortunately, I started to brighten up my world again since I got the green leather jacket.

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unfriending facebook

How many times have you thought about unfriending people on Facebook? Don’t lie to yourself and me. We all been there, we all had these thoughts, and some of us actually did it. Social media specialists, psychologists, sociologists and other researchers analysed this unfriending phenomenon and gave interesting results. According to the studies from the University of Colorado Denver, we mostly tend to unfriend high-school friends, a friend of a friend, work friends, and common interest friends. The two main reasons why we remove people from our online lives are related to political and religious arguments, opposite opinions or harsh arguments. I was quite surprised seeing these results because I expected something else; something more personal. However, just like any other sociological research, this one also has a result called ‘other.’ It seems we unfriend other people for other reasons. I have an idea who others are based on my personal thoughts, reasons, and experience of decreasing my online community.

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