The right time

There’s no such as thing as perfect timing. Time is never right or wrong; only we can make it good or bad. The right time is a non-existent and misleading concept created by those who needed an excuse for not doing something. Sadly, those who tend to delay, are always too busy or wait for the miracle gladly accepted it. Believing in destiny is not a bad thing if it’s combined with an action plan. If not, sitting and waiting for the perfect time is just a waste of life. Who wants to sit on the sofa and what how his or her life just passes by? We will never be as young as we are this moment.

The end of the year is always surprising and makes us think a little bit more about time and how fast it can run from us or how far we ran together. In December some of us remember about resolutions hiding somewhere in the dark corner of the drawer. Unfortunately, there was no time to make it happen since the beginning of the year. There were too much work, too many responsibilities, too many unexpected life events and other obstacles that prevented us from going to the gym, eating healthier, quitting smoking, going on a date, changing career path or doing anything else. Maybe next year, huh?

Here we have two scenarios. The optimistic one suggests us to re-write these resolutions with some modifications and hope for the best next year. The pessimistic (or like other love to say ‘realistic’) scenario suggest us not to waste time on ‘new year, new me’ bullshit and just post that meme on Facebook. The ones who don’t take life too seriously, just go with a first option and keep dreaming further. However, others probably stick to the second option and continue living unsatisfying and boring life. Here we can blame different personalities that some of us are more positive than others, and some of us have opposite approach to life, but there’s another issue.

There’s always another reason why we choose not to do things we want and dream of. It barely has something in common with the lack of time. If we truly, madly and deeply crave something, we always make time at least to take one baby step and try it. Even putting just a little bit of effort makes us closing to crossing out an achieved goal at the end of the year. The problem is that we always want too many good or radical changes to happen in a blink of an eye. We do not want to put lots of effort, fight our demons and shut up all speaking mouths talking about threats, the risk to fail and other discouraging stuff. We lack motivation. We want someone to push as to go there, do this and that, and then give us a treat and pat forehead. But that someone is YOU. Me.

We might be our biggest motivators and influencers. Though, we might be our biggest enemies and discouragers. It’s what we chose to be.  ‘I understand that, but…’ – I heard that numerous times and said myself at least hundred times last year. After several failures in the row, after unexpected and disappointing situations in life, it’s easy to give up. Somehow we have to change our focus from negative to positive. Somehow we have to learn appreciating everything we have today and be grateful for this moment when we are breathing, drinking coffee, holding someone’s hand or buying tickets to the other part of the world at the end of October. Somehow we have to keep moving forward with a positive attitude and a smile on the face, while life brings us lemons. Well, eating a lemon is not so horrible compared to some life situations. Maybe, eating a lemon could be a perfect distraction during difficult moments…? Just to see how ridiculous we are and then laugh a little. Laughing helps.

Sometimes we want to make a huge change in our life and the beginning of the year looks like a perfect time to do that. We have 365 days in front of us to make it happen. However, working on some goals takes more time, and we might not meet the deadline. Then, disappointment shows up. The brains too often rationalise everything and find too many reasons to quit and give up. However, we have one silly organ in our bodies. It’s called the heart. The heart doesn’t stop no matter how many times it was broken, hurt or called absolutely silly. She doesn’t care and never loses hope. Well, brains can take control over her, but a little sparkle is always alive deep inside. That’s why we secretly hope before falling asleep ‘maybe next year’ and unconsciously keep going. The universe respond to our actions and offers opportunities to start over, lead us to unexpectedly pleasant situations and helps us a little. What if we dream and aim at something consciously? The more effort we put, the more good we receive.

Changing the life starts from changing the mindset. There’s no right time to start doing it; there’s no deadline for achieving this goal too. It’s a never-ending project, and we must continue it no matter what. It requires lots work, time, dedication, and most importantly – believing in yourself. No one else but you can make the right time to start living the life you always dreamt of. We might have had a hard week, month or entire year, but we must focus on something positive and believe that tomorrow will be an amazing day of the life.

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