Another season comes to an end bringing us closer to the end of the year. Autumn harvest is over, and we can count the goods we managed to grow successfully. Is your harvest a disappointment or it bypassed your expectations as mine did? However, the most important lesson we should learn about the end of harvesting season is to be grateful for what we received and have. Everything we have today might disappear tomorrow or the next week. It’s sad, I know. But that happens. However, human beings are creatures who can adapt and survive in numerous difficult situations and conditions. We are designed to live through those changes each season gives us.

This autumn blew my mind and opened my eyes, surprisingly, in a good way. I am not used to seeing things coming better than I was expected. Many of the situations I am currently living through feels so weird and exciting. It’s strange to see the life improving daily. Apparently, I am growing and becoming better. I always thought that I could be better and do better. I always wanted that. Luckily, I finally have all the right chances and conditions to prove myself right. I am grateful for that.

This autumn was different than the year before. Back then I got a chance to see the beauty of the season in different locations. This year I was capturing the colors of leaves, the stripping trees, fog and melancholic rain in my hometown by myself. I upgraded my database of autumn. I’ve never thought that such thing exists until the last year. I am grateful for that.

The autumn has lots of mud, cold mornings, darkness and dirty morasses too. But once you come back home, you can turn on the fairy lights, lit the candle and make yourself a cup of tea. All the mud and darkness fade away into the cozy evening. Even though there’s no one around to share the warmth, keeping these vibes for yourself and saving for later is also a great achievement. I am grateful for that.

I believe that every year the autumn tries to teach us the same old lesson – let it go. Everything comes to an end, and we have to learn to let things go. Sometimes it’s hard as hell, and sometimes it’s not as difficult as it seemed at first. You have to let it go in order to make a place for something new or greet someone with love if they come back. We all wonder until we found what we need. Sometimes, new places and people give us what we are looking for; but sometimes, we come back and start over.

Changing seasons also give an idea that everything goes around. Just like seasons, various life situations might repeat itself as well. Our lives might cross one more time. Maybe next autumn, maybe any other seasons, or maybe never. You can never know what might happen. However, I do believe that want is meant to be, it will always find a way. Eventually. All the missing parts should come to the right places.

Sometimes, you just have to do your own thing and believe that those seeds you planted, will grow, bloom and finally give sweet fruits next autumn. Some seeds might need more time to sprout and grow up. Sometimes we need to learn how to treat them properly; what are the best conditions for them to keep growing. Sometimes we kill the whole harvest by overwatering the soil. But we can learn from our mistakes too. We can begin next seeding season again. I am grateful for that.

The harvest season gave me the biggest life lesson I learnt so far – the actions of anger pollutes the soil. In order to grow something beautiful, you have to start with yourself. You cannot get angry if other’s grass is greener. You cannot scream on the seeds to grow up. You cannot give up once you see unsatisfying results. You have to raise your curiosity and find the reasons why; the source of the problem. Often, the issue is very close; inside of us. Thus, you have to root out all those nasty weeds first and plant the seeds again. Next autumn will show the results.

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