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Have you ever felt that you are wasting your life on social networks? Of course, you did. We all are more or less addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even LinkedIn.

For a while, I was trying to cope Internet addiction. But it’s not easy with all those apps on the smartphone. However, I started with turning off app notifications. Once in a while, I turn off notifications for Messenger too just to make sure that no one will disturb me.

However, I found myself frequently unlocking my phone to check if there’s something new on the polished Internet life. Why? I have no clue. Addictions are complicated.

Fortunately, I got annoyed. I wanted to focus on things that mattered in real life, but I couldn’t! I deleted several social media accounts. Thus, apps were not needed anymore. Should I tell that it was the time when I charged my smartphone every second day?

Once I deleted social apps, I found myself unlocking my phone once in a while. I knew that there’s nothing to check, but I still grabbed my phone, and I realised how addicted I am.

Fortunately, after a month I got rid of this bad habit and thought that it should be a way to use social networks normally. They are fun, they are interesting, and I missed them. I came back.  But I had a strategy how to control myself.

I do not want to brag, but now I scroll less. However, the biggest impact to my online time was the deletion of the Facebook app.

I suppose the majority of you do the same. When you’re waiting for a bus or sitting in a traffic jam – you open this annoying app. When you’re standing in a long queue in a shopping mall – you tap on that blue icon. When you’re waiting for a friend, having dinner, watching a movie, talking to your mother, cooking, working, going to the bathroom or toilet, you always open Facebook!

Undoubtedly, this application helps to kill time. But do we actually need killing the precious time that runs so fast and cannot be turned back?

Not really.

It’s around the month since I removed the Facebook app. At first, it felt like something was missing from my life. Later I realised that it’s possible to check Facebook from the browser. Finally, you are set free from the massive addiction: it’s enough to check notifications in the morning and late in the evening.

Now I can proudly say that I waste time scrolling Facebook’s feed for about 15 minutes per day. That’s more than enough.

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In lifetime we spend 1 year and 7 months scrolling Facebook

We all know that we are wasting time on Facebook, and numerous studies prove it. However, we all believe that we are not ‘average users’ and it’s not about us. What a lovely lie to tell yourself. But it’s time to stop.

Statistics showed that we tap on that attractive blue icon located on the main menu of the smartphone approximately 14 times a day ). At the end of the day, we had wasted about 50 minutes of our lives on Facebook.

New York times illustrates the problem by giving data from Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s time for you to realise that Facebook is more important to you than reading, active life, and socialization. On average people read for 19 minutes, working out or participating in sports for 17 minutes, socialize on events for 4 minutes per day.

Facebook is equally important as food and drinks. According to the study, we spend 1 hour and 7 minutes eating.

If you would stop scrolling, you might finish reading THAT book you started last year. What is more, you might have time to go to the gym, pilates or yoga. Or you might have an extra hour to meet your old friend for a cup of coffee.

If Facebook continues to be the best leisure activity, at the end of the life, you would have spent 1 year and 7 months scrolling, liking memes, stalking ex-lovers and catching up on all the drama that is going on in someone’s comments.

What an exciting way to spend almost two glorious years of your not so long life!

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Do you want your phone’s battery to last longer? Delete Facebook app!

Applications use sources of your phone and battery in order to run. Some of them use more, some less. There’s no surprise. However, the Facebook app always runs in the background. It doesn’t matter if you use it or not, it uses lots of resources. The application is designed to auto-download content (videos, pictures, etc.) and check notifications in real-time. Such activities affect device’s performance and drain the battery.

The research has shown that Facebook app reduces Android battery life to 20%. What is more, deletion of Facebook and Messenger applications increased Android performance and application loading time to 15-20%.

As an Android user, I can confirm that once I uninstall the app, my smartphone stays alive up to one day and a half. Before that, I had to charge my phone every single night.

However, iPhone users have a similar problem. Once Samuel Gibbs heard rumours how Facebook app affects Android’s battery life, he decided to check if the same problem exists on his iPhone. The week-length research revealed that iPhone users could save their battery life up to 15%.

Thus, if you want to stop worrying about a dead phone in the middle of the Friday night and being unable to go home without having a possibility to call a taxi or use Uber, you should consider getting rid of this app.

But I cannot live without Facebook…

You’re not the only one. I cannot imagine life without Facebook too. But let me tell you the secret. You can access Facebook via phone’s browser.

If you are afraid of FOMO, you can turn on push notifications on Google Chrome and continue being distracted by invites to play games or events.

However, compared to the app, browsing on Facebook via a mobile browser is not convenient. Thus, if you are dreaming about getting rid of social media addiction, I can assure it will help too.

I strongly recommend at least trying to live without a Facebook app for a week. You will see many beautiful and interesting things around. Literally. You might meet your friend in the street, see a beautiful sunset or just give your poor eyes, neck, wrist, and thumb a rest.

It’s possible to stand five or even ten minutes in a queue without checking your phone. You can sit in the traffic jam and just look through the window or listen to the music.

It’s possible to find the latest news, events, blog posts and your friends’ life events without tapping that blue app icon.

However, if you decide to remove this application from your smartphone, make sure you won’t switch to another social network. Instagram is pretty addictive too…

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