During the major spring cleaning, I sat down on the floor. Piles of clothes were laying around me, and I started wondering about each of the items. It was not about making a hard decision what to throw away and what to keep. I was thinking about the little chaos that was going on in my wardrobe for many years. This mess was a perfect reflection of my life. Our looks represent our personalities and situation of life. Consciously or unconsciously we express ourselves to word through the piece of clothing we wear. Patterns, textures, and colours – everything tells the world what is going on in our heads and hearts. Nevertheless, Neiman Marcus once said that women who wear black lead the most colourful lives; they might also be wearing black as a safety blanket in order to become invisible in the greyish streets of the city. I always melt when I see an amazing little black dress, and I always look for an occasion to rock that classy LBD look lead by red manicure and lipstick. The splash of colour always cheered me up. However, due to some self-esteem issues, several years ago I decided to go for the normal adult colour scheme and completely forgot my colours of life. Fortunately, I started to brighten up my world again since I got the green leather jacket.

It was a Friday morning. The bus driver was taking me to the job. I was holding my gym backpack full of food and sportswear. Outfit of the morning included jeans, old oversized shirt, huge scarf, coat with my cat’s hair and trainers. It was one of those days when I just put mascara on (or maybe it was no-mascara day at all), applied dry shampoo (who washes their hair on a gym day?!) and rolled my hair into a bun. I did not care that I looked like a potato because my emotional condition was above the ground and I used gym days as an excuse not to look my best. However, excuses to myself were thrown off when I saw a girl sitting in front of me.

I don’t know when it happened. Maybe, it was when I stopped scrolling and put my phone into a pocket. The beautiful girl was just sitting in the back of the bus rocking a green leather jacket, and her no-makeup makeup look made me thinking why I looked like a potato. I looked at her once. Twice. Five more times. Probably, I stared at her for a while like a creep, and I think she noticed me. I couldn’t help it. I cannot stop looking at her. Don’t get me wrong; it was not love at first sight. At least not with her. I may have fallen in love with her green leather jacket.

It was a Saturday morning. A day after I had a jacket crush. I was sipping my morning coffee and watching YouTube as usual. I do not often watch videos where girls are showing their recent purchases. However, when I heard a vlogger saying that she bought a jacket and mentioned something about the colour, I started paying attention. A few moments later, I had to put down my mug of coffee and remind myself how to breathe. It was the same GREEN LEATHER JACKET I saw the girl from the bus wearing. At least, I thought it was the same. The universe was sending me a sign. I went to Mango, and I got it. I love it. It became my second skin and mood booster.

Girls who wear green jackets have more enthusiasm to lead and live the best of their lives.

A few weeks later I met the same girl from the bus again. I think she remembered me as well. Who can forget strangers who stare at us? However, this time I felt that we were like sisters from the secret green leather jackets society. She was still wearing hers, and I was wearing mine (our jackets were different, but I was blinded by the greenness). My imagination painted a picture that she without saying anything complimented me and greeted to coming out from the dark side. Indeed, the jacket stopped me from looking like a potato. Every morning I try to look at least the most beautiful potato that I can be. The jacket deserves such respect.

This spring I discovered that bright colours could boost the mood and make me feel happier. Scientists and psychologists are talking about this issue for a while. However, the majority of us still choose to be invisible and wear our black safety blankets. However, once I invested 50 Euros in my second green skin, I discovered that I do not need the invisible cloak to hide  me from the world. Numerous girls are rocking their green jackets in the city. We look the same even in colour. It does not make me different. I do not feel like drawing anyone’s attention when walking down the city. Even if I am, I do not notice it (but it might be because I refuse to wear glasses or lenses in the street… Everything is blurry, and.. you get a picture). Maybe I have finally come to the place in my life where people do not care about my looks or at least judging me silently. Maybe I found a little bit of rebelliousness inside of 26 years old me, and do not want to put it back on the highest shelves of my wardrobe life. Maybe some of my self-esteem issues are solved, and I am doing more of what I want. Actually, since this green leather jacket has been settled in my wardrobe, I started brightening my world too.

We judge people by their appearance. However, even the prettiest and polished look will fade away if there’s nothing valuable inside. My new green leather jacket has a story. Together we have already made few significant memories, and I have no doubts that we will see and experience even more. I cannot expect anything less from a girl with a green jacket than living the adventurous and fascinating life. Every single coloured item that has been discovered during the major spring cleaning were promised to get a new colleague that helps to get them out of the wardrobe and see the world. After years and years of black and white mania, I have to make a confession. Life is better in colours.

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